Krasimir Kotsev

Founder & CEO

With many years of experience as Cybersecurity Expert, his extensive knowledge of Information Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Vulnerability Management, and Network & System security hardening will ensure that you are in good hands. If you can’t find Krasimir in the office, he is probably exploring Europe’s hidden gems on his motorbike.

Yordan Rafailov


Yordan is the persona behind establishing and developing relations with investors and stakeholders. Between taking responsibility for short- and long-term financial planning and budgeting and analyzing financial performance, he can be seen following football and F1 events or dealing with data science.

Rumen Arsenov

Head of Business Development

With 14 years of vast experience in sales and business development in various industries, Rumen is a specialist of the innovative and personalized solution, with Rumen, the client comes first. Demonstrating innovative thinking and can-do-attitude, he is creating new approaches that contribute to the company business development. If you can’t find Rumen in the office, he is probably somewhere looking for inspiration.

Martin Malinov

Head of Product

In the last 2 years, Martin has been strongly involved in the development of As a Head of Product, he has hands-on experience with development, marketing, sales and process integration. He also has 5 years of experience as Cyber Security Specialist in managing and developing ISO 27001 systems, auditing banks against security standards, working on penetration testing projects and performing Vulnerability Management. Besides cybersecurity, his interests include trips, fitness, and boxing.

Petar Kuzmin

Head of Security Team

Petar is a Computer science student.
He is most passionate about computer security, penetration testing, computer networking and vulnerability assessment. He is a teacher and also was a speaker at BlackHat INDIT. Beside computer science, his interests comprise problem solving, maths, programming, even psychology and astronomy.

Kristiyan Petrov

Software Engineer

An accomplished full stack developer with two and a half years of experience in coding for SoCyber. With a degree in System Programming and a passion for Cyber Security, he seamlessly bridges the realms of technology and security to deliver the best of both worlds.

Viktor Rachev

Business Development Manager

Viktor is a seasoned salesperson, who recently got into selling cyber security as a service. In a quest to know as much as he can, he joined the team where he can study the secrets of ethical hacking from the source. He is a passionate learner with the ambition someday to be equally good in pen-testing, like in sales. In his spare time, he loves to design 3D models, print them and use them with his kids

Veselina Mileva

Business Development Manager

Veselina is one of the newest members in the “Business Development” Dep. Energetic, ambitious, and focused, in the event of you receiving a phone call or an email, it is most likely to be from her.
Her hobbies and interests are mainly gravitating towards self-improvement, personal, and intellectual development.
She enjoys spending time in nature, working with animals, spending time with the one worth, traveling, connecting with individuals from different surroundings, and learning new languages.

Viktor Mares

Cybersecurity Specialist

Viktor is an IT professional with over 4 years of experience in a multitude of disciplines within the industry. Despite his extensive knowledge of hardware & networking, he is most passionate about all things cybersecurity, where he has specialized as a penetration tester/ethical hacker. He believes that the internet is for everyone and that it is our duty to make it a better and safer place. He loves playing and watching football, but also enjoys a proper gym workout.

We are here to help you.

Our white hackers

Our team of white hackers has extensive expertise, deep knowledge and world recognized certifications in the field of IT and cybersecurity. With many years of industry experience, they are magicians in penetration testing, analyzing source code for security and finding vulnerabilities, by leveraging proven security tools and methodology.

Our security testers follow the standards of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and NIST 800-115. They distinguish themselves through an individual and personalized approach to each client, applying 20% automated work and 80% manual testing, with the main goal to deliver world class services and to achieve exceptional results.

The unique power of our ethical hackers’ community will help you to reveal critical vulnerabilities, avoid data breaches, protect sensitive information and secure your entire business. They hack for a better and safer world.


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