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About Us

SoCyber is focused on protecting its clients. Since the first day, our primary mission is to make you feel secure and protected. Our team of experts will perform all required tests to reveal the weaknesses in your information systems, train your employees about the basic cybersecurity principles, consult you on topics related to the security of your infrastructure, and protect you from malicious attacks. Keeping your sensitive information secure is our top priority.

Our services
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identification of security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.


Application Penetration Test

Application penetration test simulate real-world attack scenarios to discover and exploit security gaps that could lead to stolen data or other harmful business outcomes.

Network Penetration Test

Network penetration test aims to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in network devices, hosts and other systems. The activities simulate the activities of a malicious hacker.

Social Engineering test

Social engineering is an attack vector that relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a formal process for educating the employees about computer security, corporate policies and secure procedures.

Security Consulting

There is a wide range of security work consultants perform. A security consultant can help with broader security strategy, regulatory analysis, technical evaluations and more.

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