Let us check and discover all vulnerabilities on your web applications.
Simply fill in your domain and/or IP address, and we will send to you a flash report with all detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for next steps.

We are performing automated security tests on your web apps, scanning your web exposed information and assets for vulnerabilities. We will help you to understand if your web apps are highly secured and reliably protected.

How it works

1. Fill in all required form fields, your domain address and up to 10 IP addresses.
2. The form will generate a password automatically, just copy it for later.
3. Read and agree with the Service’s terms and conditions.
4. Pay easy and safely via Stripe.
5. Receive our Essential Cybercheck report in PDF format by email in up to 24 hours, and decrypt it with the generated password.
6. Contact us if you have questions or if you want a comprehensive cybersecurity check of your organisation.

What we will check

During the vulnerability scan of your web applications we will check the following critical information:

  • Website errors and malicious code
  • Known malware and viruses
  • Security SSL and TLS certificates
  • HTTPS configuration and headers
  • TCP ports
  • Technologies and software used in the website
  • Domain and mail server blacklisting
  • Reported IP addresses

    *Required information


    EUR 30
    • 1 Domain Check
    • Up to 10 IP Addresses Check
    • PDF Report in max. 24 hours

    Additional information

    The scan might include false-positive or false-negative results. Logical vulnerabilities, such as broken access control, will not be found by any active or automated vulnerability scanning.

    You need to provide a cancel URL page in the settings